About Me

Dad, computer nerd, woodworker and camper, and desperately trying to make all of them play nicely together.

I've been doing woodworking on and off since at least the 7th grade, maybe earlier. Yes, I'm old enough that I was able to take advantage of the fact they taught fun and useful things in school like Shop, which gave me an outlet to do woodworking, metalworking, forging and drafting.  I still have the step stool and bubblegum dispenser and metal toolbox I made during that period.

Lately, I've been starting to explore my tech/geek side, playing with CNC and 3D printing to add to my repertoire of skills.

I'm a member of Nova Labs, which is a maker space in Reston, VA where I occasionally teach classes, lead workshops and lead build groups on various topics: 
  • Teach the CNC 101 class
  • Led a CNC build group
  • Led a workshop on building a portable router table
  • I taught the Intro to Laser cutting/engraving class before taking over the CNC 101 class.