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2015/03/06 - No dust, just geekery / upcoming projects

posted Mar 5, 2015, 10:11 PM by Jeff Balderson
It's been way too cold to do anything meaningful in the shop lately because of the single-digit weather we've been having.  I had a few pieces that a local cub scout pack asked me to make by mid-February.  After that was complete, I've been avoiding the shop due since it's been averaging around 45-50 degrees and it's just too cold to comfortably work within running the electric heaters for hours ($$) beforehand.

In the meantime, I've been playing with my 3D printer a little more, and doing some electronics work for me and with the boys.  GeekInTraining-#1 decided he wanted to get a calculator kit to solder together, which is about halfway done right now.  He's actually getting pretty good at soldering.  I need to start teaching him how circuits work and what the components do soon.  I have a couple of small LED displays waiting for me, one needing to be soldered and one finished, just needing testing.  

One of my recent prints was the parts for an EggBot clone.  The body was an 11 hour job which I was quite happy with when it was complete.  I had turned on the time lapse in Octoprint, but the video didn't get generated correctly.

I posted this video on Youtube of a job I just finished running tonight.

The EggBot is next on my list of projects.  Hopefully, once it's done the weather be warm enough, 40 degrees or warmer outside should do it, and I can get back into the shop.   

As far as Shop projects go, the list is:
  • Redesign my existing hold downs for the CNC machines and cut them out.
  • Finish the dust boot prototype for the OX CNC machine, or at least at a minimum put some plexiglass shields in place to keep chips/dust off the side guide rails.
  • Ron Paulk-inspired torsion platforms for the X90 CNC machine
  • New assembly/work table cart
  • There are a few signs that I want to make in the queue, including one of my logo that I'll probably post as a start (design) to finish (lacquer) Youtube Video.  I'll probably do those somewhere in the middle of all of the above